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Funeral flowers

Fresh flowers arranged for a loved one in Oxfordshire and beyond. Call: 01608 683 800

We understand your loss and create funeral floral arrangements that are a personal tribute to your loved one. You can rely on our personal, caring service and our attention to detail from the moment we discuss your flowers through to delivering them on the day of the funeral. Funerals are a hard time for everyone involved. Sweetpeas Of Great Tew provide sympathy flowers so you can express your condolences to a friend who has lost a loved one. From funeral wreaths to cushion pillows, Sweetpeas Of Great Tew offer a sympathetic and caring service in Oxfordshire.

Funeral floral service in Oxfordshire

• Funeral floral service

• Wreaths

• Garlands

• Bouquets

• Sympathy flowers

• Church displays

• Named tributes

• Floral crosses



Tribute arrangements include:

Floral design